The Anonymous Source: 3 Sides to 1 Story or 3 Stories to 1 Side?



First of all, I want to apologize to our readers. We have been contacted by both Catherine Townsend, of the Hell and Gone podcast, and the anonymous source requesting the removal of items from this post. Rather than sully the integrity of our information, we will not be editing anything in the post. We will be removing all content until we can get further clarification.

This removal is due to the threats of a lawsuit, for what we believe, is based on unfounded claims, and we want to further consult our lawyer and our public relations team to either debunk or vet these allegations.

Again, we believe in the validity of our information and the debunking of the claims made. We spent hours pouring over the information and comparing the different versions. It was brought to our attention there were flaws in the information provided in the podcast, so we felt it best to release all versions in order to be neutral either way—true or false.

If it is found to be legal, this will be re-posted. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

If anyone has any information on Rebekah’s case please contact Dennis Simon, Arkansas State Police Investigator, at 870-269-4237, or you can email tips through the blog’s email All information relayed to us through our email will remain anonymous.



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