About Us


“Even to me the issue of “stay small, sweet, quiet, and modest” sounds like an outdated problem, but the truth is that women still run into those demands whenever we find and use our voices.” 
― Brené Brown

We are sisters.

There were four of us.

Gabrielle. Tiffany. Rebekah. Danielle.

Our life was filled with challenges, hardships, and trials, but we always had each other. We were “Four Against the World.”

14 years ago Rebekah was murdered. Not only has the killer never been found, but as we’ve stood on the sidelines we’ve watched family members lead the public with misinformation and lies. We’ve witnessed journalists and writers pursuing their own agendas, and doing so at the expense of professional ethics. We’ve heard a thousand far-fetched rumors, and been saddened to see the police and detectives criticized despite their earnest efforts.

In the last 14 years we have mourned, and we have lost our voices. We have watched in silence as our sister was portrayed as nothing more than a murder victim, a one dimensional character in a horror story.

It’s time we regained our voice. We are here, united, to tell our story. We want the world to know who Rebekah was, as a girl, as a sister, and as a woman. We are here to speak loudly. We are loving sisters who are not willing to stay silent any longer.

We are here to find justice for our Rebekah.